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Alissa Turney shortly before she went missing.

Alissa Turney

Alissa (center) with two close friends.

Alissa was always carefree and fun.

Age progression showing what Alissa might have looked like at 25.

Alissa with her mother Barbara Lee Farner

Alissa proudly holding her newborn sister Sarah Turney.

Barbara after giving birth, possibly to Alissa.

Barbara with her two girls Alissa and Sarah shortly before she passed away. The male figure to the right that was cut out is probably Mike Turney.

Barbara and one of her children, likely John, her first born.

Barbara and her third child Sarah Turney. Barbara had already fallen ill at the time, and would pass away shortly after this photo was taken.

Barbara with ex-husband and Alissa's biological father Steven Strahm. This photo was taken before Alissa was born. The little boy is Barabara's son from a previous relationship.

Barbara, Steve and John, before Barabara met her second husband Michael Turney.

Former case agent Detective Stuart Somershoe of the Phoenix Police Department, interviewing for Missing Alissa.

The VHS tape found by Sarah Turney labeled: "

One of Alissa's favorite plush toys.

A ring often worn by Alissa. It was left behind in her room along with all of her favorite things.

Alissa's "toto bear" notebook.

Alissa practiced writing her name with her fancy new pens. This page was used by forensics to compare her handwriting to the one used in the infamous runaway note.

Most of the pages in Alissa's notebook contained whimsical teenage doodles like this one.

The Jack in the Box restaurant in north Phoenix where Alissa worked at the time she disappeared.

Ben Reichert who kindly lent us his voice for the male quotes.