Ottavia Zappala

Missing Alissa is hosted and produced by Ottavia Zappala, with production help and audio editing by Raz Yalov.

Ottavia is a journalist with a particular interest in missing person cases and cold cases. She began researching this case in November of 2016 when she coincidentally came across this story and found out it happened not far from where she lives. Ottavia wishes to bring Alissa’s story to a broader audience in hopes to nudge the investigation into this seemingly dormant 16-year-old cold case.

Raz Yalov is an audio geek and podcast addict. He is the co-founder and CEO of ZCast, a podcasting platform that is on a mission to help future podcasters realize their dream without the technical knowhow. You can learn more about Raz and ZCast at https://zcast.co